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What does a world

that works for everyone look like to you? 

THE WHOLE EARTH GAME  is a storyworld engaging change-makers and creative frontrunners across multiple platforms. We are inviting you to learn more about how our interconnected world came to be - and join a new movement that is rising to address the question: What does a world that works for everyone look like - and how can we make sure to get there?


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The purpose of The Whole Earth Game is to move the world’s collective thinking beyond the dystopian paradigms created by today’s challenges and into a future that is desirable. 

The Game is evolving inside the "Spatial Web” - a new dimension of the internet that enables us to interface with digitally-enhanced versions of ourselves and create virtual worlds capable of running real time simulations.

Our ambition is to create a simulation of a regenerative city, where people thrive in harmony with nature. Not a utopian dream scenario, but a positive vision of what lies ahead, based on input from world class experts who are looking at new technologies and long-term trends that are largely positive, and could come together in surprisingly synergistic ways.






We are inspired by the visionary architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, who back in the 1960’s proposed a wildly ambitious idea for a simulation game designed to transform the world. His mission was to help people all over the world perceive the planet as one interconnected system - and inspire them to become smart and responsible users of the resources we all depend on. 


Fuller wanted to make his ”World Game” accessible to everyone. He envisioned that the findings generated by the game would be widely disseminated to the masses and presented to world leaders, so that the political process could move in the direction that the values, imagination and problem solving skills of those playing the democratically open game dictated.


At a time where the stakes are higher than ever - a new generation of digital natives are getting ready to step up and take action. Our mission is to provide the platform, network and support they need to become actively engaged in shaping a world that works for generations to come.  

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– R. Buckminster Fuller



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