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Youth Island

is a former sea fortress located outside Copenhagen a short sailing trip from the UN City.


September 21st

Preliminary Program* UN Peaceday 2023 - on Youth Island 


08.45.  Arrival at SPAR Shipping
– Nyhavn 71, 1051 København K 

09.00.  Departure for Youth Island 
– Introduction to Youth Island’s Dogme Rules. 

09.30.  Arrival Youth Island 
– Welcome, security drill – introduction to the history of Youth Island

10.00.  Opening ceremony / at the Amphitheatre 

– Introduction 
– Lighting the fire of Peace       
– Tuning in on the Heartbeat of the Earth  

10.30.  Strategy meeting part 1 in Store Gymnastiksal

– Screening of the film “Down to Earth”   
– Introduction to the Peaceday Youth Assembly 

– Presentation of The Whole Earth Game 
– Our vision for Peaceday 2024

– Mapping, tracking and connecting the dots

12.30.  Lunchbreak 

13.30.  Strategy meeting part 2 in Store Gymnastiksal
– Summit of the Future ideation  

14.30.  Coffee break 

15.00.  Linking up with Peace Week 2023 in Store Gymnastiksal

– Introduction to Youth Island and the Peaceday Youth Assembly 
– Blessings from Chief Phil Lane - and a message from the Elders 
– Screening of the film: “We need to talk about AI”. 
– Presentation of GAIA (The Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance) 
– Dialogue about the future with Robot Sophia and Chief Phil Lane
– Q&A Sophia answers questions from the audience

(NB. This session will be livestreamed to a global audience) 

16.00.  Closing ceremony / at the Amphitheatre 
– Sharing commitments – deciding the next steps.   

17.05.  Departure from Youth Island 


17.35.  Arrival at Nyhavn

For more information please contact Phillip Bryndum: +45 25128690.

* The program is a subject to change without notice.


Supported by The Tuborg Foundation

Impressions from UN PEACEDAY 2022 on Youth Island


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