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Succesful celebration of Peaceday 2023 on Youth Island.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Right now we are experiencing an unprecedented planetary emergency. At the same time a growing number of people and organisations around the world are mapping possibilities, designing solutions and launching bold new initiatives.

UN’s Summit of the Future, which is scheduled for September 2024, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance cooperation on critical challenges, address gaps in global governance and reaffirm existing commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In preparation for the 2024 summit in New York, the Peaceday Youth Assembly hosted an intergenerational dialogue meting with a diverse group of change leaders. The meeting took place on Youth Island – a former sea fortress outside Copenhagen, which has been taken over by the youth and turned into a unique gathering place for innovators and change makers.

During a full day workshop the participants explored the following question:

How can we mobilise at scale - and accelerate the collaborative action needed to ensure a peaceful transition to a future that works for all of humanity?

An important source of inspiration is the visionary architect and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, who back in the 1960’s proposed a wildly ambitious idea for a simulation game designed to transform the world.

His intention was to help people all over the world perceive the planet as one interconnected system - and inspire them to become smart and responsible users of the resources we all depend on.

Fuller wanted to make his ”World Peace Game” accessible to everyone. He envisioned that the findings generated by the game would be widely disseminated to the masses and presented to world leaders, so that the political process could move in the direction that the values, imagination and problem solving skills of those playing the democratically open game dictated.

At a time where the stakes are higher than ever - a new generation of digital natives are getting ready to step up and take action. Our mission is to provide the platform, network and support they need to become actively engaged in shaping a future that works for generations to come.

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